Arctic Journey

Summary: A beginning reader story based on an Inupiat song about traveling by dogsled to the winter hunting grounds when the Arctic Ocean turns to ice.

Artic Journey Childrens book by Clare Meeker
Book Name: 
Arctic Journey

Target Age Group: 3-6

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/The Wright Group

ISBN: 0-322-03075-7 

Where to buy: Amazon

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"When winter comes, the sea turns to ice.
It is time to go to the winter camp to hunt for food."

This 211 word story for beginning readers follows the journey of an Inuit boy and his grandfather from their summer home at the edge of the Arctic Ocean to their winter camp further inland.

The story is adapted from a Netsilik Eskimo travel song collected by the famous Dutch explorer Knud Rasmussen and later compiled in a book entitled Eskimo Songs and Stories (Dell Publishing Company, Inc. 1973). 

As part of my research for the story, I spoke by phone with a representative of the Nome Eskimo Community in Alaska. She verified the use of dog sleds even today to transport belonging from one place to another.