Author Judy Blume

Childrens Author Clare Meeker speaks about Author Judy BloomIt was a love fest for Judy Blume at Town Hall in Seattle tonight. Seattle Arts and Lectures brought celebrity children’s book author Judy Blume who has a new novel for adults called In the Unlikely Event which is based on a true event from her childhood. It was a totally entertaining interview with Nancy Pearl and Judy who looks as young as ever and will forever be that courageous writer who wrote from the heart with great humor and taught us that nothing is taboo to write about when you have a good story to tell. 

I was fortunate enough to take the first small-group writing workshop Judy Blume ever gave at a writers conference in Key West, her winter home, a number of years ago. I had just left the practice of law to be home with my children and had published my first children’s book when I took her 4- day class. Here are a few of the pearls she gave us:

- Keep a notebook when you’re writing a book for snippets of information and character description
- Write from the heart. 
- Don’t think about the audience when the story is first being created, but you will need to later to get it published. 
- You can’t write the universal book. It only the specific story that will work. 
- Begin your story on the day when something different happens.
- Criticism should be honest but only helpful. 

Judy Blooms book. Author Clare Meeker