Hansa: The True Story of an Asian Elephant Baby

Summary: The first year of life of a baby elephant who was born at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, from birth to learning how to get along with the rest of the female herd of Asian and African elephants.

Hansa: The True Story of a Baby Asian Elephant
Book Name: 
Hansa: The True Story of an Asian Elephant Baby 

Target Age Group: 7-10

Publisher: Sasquatch Books 

ISBN: 1-57061-344-3

Where to buy: Amazon

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"Despite  Hansa’s early death in 2007 and the Nov 2014 decision of the Woodland Park Zoo to close its elephant exhibits this attractive non-fiction title  should neither be overlooked nor discarded. Rather it is instructive of what we know and can learn about these iconic animals: elephants-wild and captive-deserve our attention and protection through education. "
Craig Seasholes http://seattlepublicschoolslib.edublogs.org/2015/01/22/hansa

"…tells the story of the elephant’s amazing birth and educates readers on the animals’ habits, habitats and care."
Publishers Weekly  June 10, 2002

"…Hansa is chock-full of photographs, illustrations, facts and tales about life as an elephant in the Woodland park herd and in the wild."
Communique (American Zoo and Aquarium Association) January, 2003

"Clare Hodgson Meeker does an outstanding job of telling the story of Hansa and the other elephants…Sharing this entertaining little book with children is one way to ensure that the next generation understands and values the animal life on Earth. Highly recommended."                 
The Internet Writing Journal  September 2002
"…Filled cover to cover with true facts about elephants and splendid color photographs from the Woodland Park Zoo, Hansa is very highly recommended for young people who want to learn more about this wondrous, exotic animal species."
Midwest Book Review Summer, 2002

Publishing Information:

Written by Clare Hodgson Meeker
Photographs from Woodland Park Zoo
Illustrations by Linda Feltner
Published in simultaneous hard cover and paperback by Sasquatch Books 2002
ISBN: 157061-344-3

"Early one November morning at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, an Asian elephant named Chai rocked from side to side on her huge legs. She was about to give birth to her first baby."

In November of  2000, after a twenty-two month pregnancy, one of the Woodland Park Zoo’s female elephants  delivered a healthy female calf, one of only three Asian elephants born in a North America zoo that year. The calf was named Hansa which means “supreme happiness” in Thailand, the country where her mother was born. Clare’s story traces the important events and challenges of Hansa’s first year of life - bonding with her mother, learning to control her trunk and being accepted by the other members of the all-female herd. The story also explores the relationship between the herd and their five elephant keepers who approach one of the most dangerous jobs in the world with enthusiasm and total dedication.