I Could Not Keep Silent: The Life of Rachel Carson

Summary: A photo-illustrated biography of Rachel Carson, a scientist and popular writer in the mid-20th century whose pioneering environmental book, Silent Spring, led to a ban on the use of the chemical ddt as a crop spray and helped bring the bald eagle back from extinction. 

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Book Name: 
I Could Not Keep Silent

Target Age Group: 7-10

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/The Wright Group

ISBN: 0-322-04505-3

Where to buy: Amazon

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"Ten year-old Rachel Carson ran through tall meadow grass to the cool shelter of the woods at the edge of her father’s land. It was a beautiful summer afternoon in the town of Springdale, Pennsylvania. Squatting beside a shallow stream, she reached down to splash water on her face. A small green frog crouched on a rock at the water’s edge. Rachel stared intently at the tailless creature with bulging eyes. Did it remember its earlier life as a tadpole swimming in the water? Was it waiting to snatch a mosquito with its sticky tongue?"

Rachel Carson learned from her mother at a very early age the importance of following her own sense of wonder in learning about nature. Together, they took long walks through the woods and fields of their large property in rural Pennsylvania enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Working on the family farm, raising animals and harvesting food for their table, Rachel came to understand the important bond between humans and other living things.
Rachel Carson grew up to be a scientist and celebrated author. She devoted her life to studying the natural world - on land, in the ocean, and at the water’s edge. Understanding as she did the delicate balance of nature and the role humans play in it, Rachel was moved to action when she learned about the dangers to humans and the environment of widespread use of the pesticide DDT in spraying crops. “Knowing what I do, there would be no future peace for me if I kept silent.” Rachel went on to write Silent Spring ,a book that presented such a compelling and well-researched argument against the use of human-made pesticides, that it led to the banning of DDT and the creation of the first federal and state laws protecting the environment.  Her story shows us how one person can change the world.

This chapter book biography of Rachel Carson for 7-10 year-old readers includes quotes by Rachel Carson and a glossary of terms introducing the science of ecology, ecosystems and the environment.

Publishing Information

McGrawHill/The Wright Group ISBN 0-322-04505-3


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