Lootas Little Wave Eater

Summary: This Smithsonian award-winning book tells the story of Lootas, a sea otter pup who was born in the wild and orphaned in her first month of life when her mother was killed by a fishing boat in Alaska. She was rescued and hand-raised at The Seattle Aquarium. For six months, the author closely followed marine biologist C.J. Casson and his staff as they cared for Lootas and helped her adapt to her new home and new otter family. Color photos by C.J. Casson and pen and ink drawings by Deborah Cooper illustrate this dramatic story. Lootas is a grandmother now and still lives at the Seattle Aquarium, the number 1 breeding facility for sea otters in the world.   

Lootas Little Wave EaterBook Name: 
Lootas Little Wave Eater

Target Age Group: 7-10

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 1-57061-164-5

Where to buy: At your local indepedent bookstore or online at Amazon

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1999 Notable Book for Children by Smithsonian Magazine
2005 Washington State Library's Washington Summer Reads Selection on the theme of "courage." 





"An engaging narrative of the rescue of an orphaned sea otter pup..." -School Library Journal, January 2000

"Teachers planning a unit on marine biology, or parents who want their kids to know about the natural world would do well to purchase Lootas, the story of a Kodiak sea otter's rearing at the Seattle Aquarium."- Alaska Magazine, November 1999   


"All alone, in the cold quiet waters of Uganik Bay in southern Alaska, a sea otter gave birth to a female pup. Floating on her back, she licked the small wet ball of fur nestled on her belly."

Publishing information
Original softcover ISBN 1-57061-164-5
Sasquatch Books

Clare Meeker, Childrens book author

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