Magazine Stories

“Rhino Rescue“ 

Clare’s article in the November 2015 issue of National Geographic Kids Magazine tells the story of a threatened wild rhino calf in South Africa and its mother who are airlifted to a new, safe home in Botswana thanks to the efforts of National Geographic Explorers  Dereck and Beverly Joubert and others. 

Clare Meeker story in National Geographic Kids Magazine


"Hawaii's Secret Seals"

Clare’s article “Hawaii's Secret Seals”, in the National Wildlife Federation's "Ranger Rick" magazine tells about the efforts to save this critically endangered species that is native to the Hawaiian Islands. Read the article here!


"The Backyard Adventures of Olive and Max"

Published by the National Wildlife Federation's magazine "Your Big Backyard", Clare's 24-story series, The Backyard Adventures of Olive and Max, ran from 2006-2008. Each month, Olive Oppossum and Max Mole would encounter a different animal in their backyard and help it solve a problem of finding food, shelter or fool a predator. Fun facts combined with a humorous narrative bring these animals and their real-life struggles to life. Check out more about my ebook series here!