Manorah The Bird Princess

Summary: A magical folktale from Thailand about a shapeshifting bird princess whose dream of living in the human world brings her true love and almost costs her her life. Her epic journey is followed by that of her husband, Prince Suthon, who must find his way to the bird kingdom to win her back. Full-color illustrations by Thai illustrator Busara Busard. 

Manorah The Bird Princess
Book Name: 
Manorah The Bird Princess

Target Age Group: 6-12

Publisher: Ibycus Co., Ltd

ISBN: 974949509-8

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“Long ago in Thailand, far beyond the human kingdom of Panchala Nakhon, lived a young bird princess named Manorah. Manorah was the youngest of the Bird King’s  seven daughters. She was also the most adventurous. The bird people were magical beings who could fly wherever they pleased or shed their wings and take human form. While her sisters were content to play among the shadowy peaks and silver streams of the Bird Kingdom, Manorah wanted to see what the human world was like.”

In Clare’s adaptation of a famous Thai folktale, a young bird princess visits the human world and falls in love with a young prince named Suthon. They marry and are soon parted when Suthon is called off to war. Faced with a jealous court counselor who turns the people against Manorah for being different  and not human, Manorah is forced to use her magical powers  to escape the human world and to save her life. When Suthon returns to find Manorah gone, he must find his way to the Bird KIngdom and win her back.
10 year-old Thai illustrator, Busara Boussard, creates powerful and vivid full-color illustrations to accompany the text. A student at the International School in Thailand, her illustration credits include  two other books for children, Cha-bah, the Thai Elephant, and La Chose.

Additional Information:

Includes simultaneous English and Thai text.

The Thai translation was prepared by Su Vathanaprida, a Seattle Reference Librarian whose previous publishing credits include Thai Tales: Folktales of Thailand (edited by Margaret Read MacDonald).
Original trade paperback; ISBN 974-94950-9-8. For distribution in Thailand, contact

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