Partner in Revolution: Abigail Adams

Summary: A photo-illustrated biography of former First Lady Abigail Adams, the wife of our second president, John Adams, who lived and raised a family in Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War while her husband was helping to form a new congress in Philadelphia. Her letters to John describing the war helped convince the congress to raise an army to fight the British.   

Partner in Revolution Abigale Adams
Book Name: 
Partner in Revolution: Abigail Adams

Target Age Group: 7-10

Publisher: Benchmark Books

ISBN: 0-7614-0523-2

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"Meeker's command of language is wonderful, and her use of Abigail's own words fits beautifully. We truly get an idea of what her life was like in one of the most trying times in American history." -Judy Silverman, Children's Literature

"Thirteen –year-old Abigail Smith brushed a black curl out of her face, her thin lips pursed in frustration. Dipping a quill pen in the ink pot, she wrote, “The mind is like a tender twig which you may bend as you please…(As you get older, it becomes) like a sturdy oak,…hard to move.” Abigail wanted her cousin Isaac to know how lucky he was to be able to go to school…Abigail envied her cousin. While boys and girls could go to school to learn how to write and do simple arithmetic, only boys could continue on to Latin school to prepare for college."

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