In-School Field Trip: Building Teamwork on the Field and in the Classroom

Children love field trips. The excitement, the preparation, the experience. My Team building "In School Field Trip,"  helps children see the value in teamwork, find their own strengths, develop leadership skills, and provides a positive way to combat the bullying epidemic we are seeing in our schools today.

I start with an assembly. Using my children's book: Soccer Dreams: Playing the Seattle Sounders FC Way, I present 10 teamwork tips that are practiced in the major league soccer world of the Seatltle Sounders FC and demonstrate how students can use these tips to work together on the field and in the classroom,  I also offer  a Buddy Poems writing workshop to students in grades 3-5 and a soccer ball-making activity for the younger grades. 

In School Field Trips benefit teachers and schools in many ways:

1. Lower cost to the schools and parents
2. Lower liabilities
3. Time savings
4. Positive message
5. Promotes the in-school Library

To schedule an In School Field Trip or get additional information, contact Clare directly.


10 Tips on Teamwork

1) Everyone has a special skill or talent that can benefit the group.

2 )Find each person’s skill and build a team around it.

3) Set goals.

4) Practice hard…it’s contagious.

5)Talk to each other.

6 ) Make friends and help each other out.

7) Show good sportsmanship.

8 )Don’t get angry, think of the team.

9 )Make the most of opportunities to create chances to score.

10) Give all you’ve got