Secret Histories

Summary: Step into the secret lives of 25 writers . . . and witness the stories that shape us. 
Open the pages of Secret Histories to explore pivotal experiences in the lives of 25 writers. Share a life-or-death moment as a woman hitchhiker faces an angry, explosive driver. Climb to a sacred Tibetan mountain pass on a pilgrimage to renewal—and discover the cost of choosing life as a healer. Witness grief mixed with deep joy as a sister chooses to be her dying brother's caretaker. Flinch at a young woman’s shock as she discovers her father is a CIA spook. Watch the world shrink into a nightmare existence through the eyes of a young Japanese-American girl imprisoned in an American concentration camp during World War II.

Who Wakes the Rooster book by Clare Meeker
Book Name: 
Secret Histories

Target Age Group: Adults



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